Large 6.9 metre, pontoon BBQ boat. Max 7 people, half covered roof, icebox, BBQ, fishing rod holders.

Gas BBQ and utensils (Gas included)
Ice box or Eski
Plenty of seating
New fish finders
Fishing rods & fishing equipment (Upon request)
Maps of fishing locations
Half Sun roof
Boat anchor

Our boats meet the Australian boating safety standards and are equipt with the following safety gear and other safety items:

  • Life jackets (adults and children)
  • Life ring
  • First Aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety tracking system

* Children under 12 years of age must always ware a life jacket.

By Phone:

Call MRNSW on 9450 2468
Call Police, Fire & Ambulance on 000

Full mobile coverage avaliable (within our 20km inclusion zone)

Please ensure that you arrive 20 minutes prior to your booking time so that we can explain necessary information.
Our boats include 1 full tank of fuel which is plenty for the day however, if you require additional fuel this would be an additional charge.
We will come aboard and escort you in and out of the marina to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

Upon arrival we will brief you on the following:

  • The boat’s safety gear, emergency procedures & general boat safety.
  • How to wear a life jacket & use the fire extinguisher.
  • How to operate the boat correctly and safely.
  • The rules & guidelines of the river.
  • Emergency contact numbers will be provided in all vessels.


CALL 0412 791 371 OR 0432 231 705

How to find us