Accident​ Reporting

What to do in case of an accident


Penalties apply for not reporting an accident to Roads and Maritime.

Emergency Contacts: Phone 000 or VHF16

If a boating accident occurs in any port or navigable water in NSW, the master of the vessel must:

  • Stop the vessel immediately
  • Give any assistance which may be necessary
  • Produce any boat or PWC driving licence required to be held
  • Give details to any person having reasonable grounds for requesting them eg other persons involved in the accident
  • Details must include the master’s name and address as well as any distinguishing number which is required to be displayed on the vessel eg registration number or permit number.

If requested by a Roads and Maritime Officer or any NSW Police Officer, provide the following details:

  • Full identification
  • Time, place and nature of accident
  • Name and registration number of every vessel involved in the incident
  • Name and address of every person who was concerned with or witnessed the accident
  • Extent of any injury or damage resulting from the accident
  • Produce a boat driving licence or Certificate of Competency.

A written report must be forward to Roads and Maritime within 24 hours setting out the particulars of the incident if one of the following applies:

  • The incident has resulted in the death, or injury to, a person
  • The incident has result in damage in excess of $5000 to a vessel of any other property
  • Damage or risk to the environment has occurred.

These forms are not required to be completed if the details have already been given to a Roads and Maritime Officer.

Vessel Incident Report Forms

Vessel Incident Report Forms are available to download on the Roads and Maritime page, or can be obtained at any Roads and Maritime operations centre or NSW Police.